298 - Heyri Art Village

Part of the series from my Seoul 2015 trip

I'll put it out there for you: this is hardly chasing rooftops - it was just the third floor of a cafe building (hardly acrophobia inducing). But Heyri Art Village in Paju is quaint and picturesque enough that we got good enough photos without endangering ourselves for the sake of vanity (art?).

Heyri Art Village is pretty much any cafe hopper's paradise (without the large crowds and cramped spaces we tend to get in Singapore) - which would explain why Shauna and I had to hit three cafes (Adamas253, Rumi cakes and my personal favourite, Gomakwon) despite the 30 mandus we already had for breakfast an hour or two prior. 

For an hour's ride out from Seoul, it's the perfect getaway from the bustle. 

Outfit: C.O. by Cotton On coat; Taobao shirt; Zara skorts; Topshop shoes

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