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In the almost four years I've had this blog, I've probably written a-few-too-many 'revival' posts.

Sometime in summer this year I finally rebranded this blog to shift away from what I originally intended it to be - a fashion blog - into a undefined mix of lifestyle and personal space for me to post whenever I fancied. The fact that I can't remember if I even wrote about this rebranding speaks of how little I maintained the blog after that.

But since I've started school at Duke and have had a very unsettling time shifting from the busy cosmopolitan city-life of Singapore to the at-times stifling silence (serenity?) of Durham, I've realised it's become of paramount importance that I maintain my sanity by taking photos and exploring every nook and cranny I can find.

I'm really not a big fan of writing (unless its raving about eating [not sure about the sleeping]). So really, the only commitment I'm making is to post a few photos now and again. How hard can that be?

Thanks to Shreya for accompanying me to the Duke gardens.

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