301 - Parts & Labor

The American Dream.

I've pretty much given up hope finding good Asian food around Durham, and sometimes I think that even about Western fare (I truly miss the food in Singapore), but going down to Parts & Labor the other night have revived in me some degree of optimism.

The place is really nice if you're willing to sit outdoors, and if you're up for some oily but delicious bar bite-ish food. Absolutely loved the cheeseburger slider (simple and to the point), and would have gotten another one if I wasn't looking to try out more of the menu. So for the second slider I went for the Oktoberfest special instead - the schnitzel burger - which was pretty well done, but obviously doesn't trump beef and cheese. I saw some people raving about the artichoke beignets on Yelp, but I wouldn't say they were especially amazing to me, although worth a try. 

But in the end, it's great food for the price I was paying, especially since I've been visiting some other restaurants whose increase in price isn't proportionate to the increase in quality and taste... Only woe is that it would have been better if I was legal and could order some of their drinks. 

Cheeseburger Slider 
with bacon/onion jam, sharp cheddar & garlic aioli on brioche roll

Hipster Poutine
House fries, caramelised kimchi, bulgogi beef, cheddar cheese, sriracha mayo

Artichoke Beignets
Savory fritters with roasted artichoke hearts & fresh garlic, served with lemon & garlic aioli

Sweet & Tangy Chicken Wings

Oktoberfest Special
J√§gerschnitzel Schlider
Crispy breaded pork cutlet with bacon and mushroom gravy on brioche roll

Parts & Labor
723 Rigsbee Ave Suite A, Durham, NC 27701

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