303 - Lucia

Finally, a decent restaurant within walking distance of my campus.

Took me awhile to finally visit Lucia, but an invite from a fellow foodie saw us treating ourselves before final week (and a lockdown in campus). The restaurant is beautiful, not too big nor crowded, but it was a Sunday night. There's complimentary valet parking (and bread), if that ups its fancy factor. I reckon I'll be going back soon though - it's great italian food.

Calamari, Proscuitto 
It's been a long time since I've eaten calamari, but theirs is worth giving a shot. Generous serving with a side of spicy aioli, and I loved that they fried the squid legs, those were honestly my favourite bits. (They err on the salty side, however) Proscuitto was decent as well. Ordered simply because it is proscuitto and some days I wish I was back in Spain on holiday. 

Risotto - scallops, guanciale, leek, peas
Garganelli - chicken (can't seem to find this on this online menu)
Weakness for risotto, generally because getting short grain rice isn't that common here (and I have not really eaten Japanese here). Scallops were really juicy and well cooked, to my immense delight, although they were very salty. Other than that, no complaints. Great texture and classic flavour.

My friend had the garganelli instead, which the waitress recommended as one of her favourites, although I personally wasn't a fan. I've never tried the garganelli pasta so I've nothing to compare it to, but it struck me as a bit too chunky and thick, especially paired with minimal sauce and chicken that leaned towards being dry rather than moist. 

Tuscan Apple Torta - ricotta gelato, pine nut praline
Shared a dessert, because honestly by this point I was stuffed. Good if you're looking for a sweet ending to your meal, but nothing I'd really recommend. 

Lucia Bar Italiano
605 W. Main St., Suite A
Durham, NC 27701

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