309 - M Sushi

Durham good sushi.

For most part, Asian restaurants here are generally classified into two sorts - the dingy fast food ones with actual Asian servers but not so high quality Asian food; and the more upscale ones that lean towards fusion. M Sushi has the feel of the latter, but slightly more Asian-oriented, though you will find a bit of Spanish fusion elements.

Located near the Durham hotel and the post office, it's an almost hole in the wall place with classic soho/industrial/yuppie decor vibes that sends me straight back home to Singapore (or any other city with a growing independent foodie scene). There's a long bar stretching through the restaurant, and you'd best get a seat there if you're serious about your sushi because the Chef's Omakase is apparently only served there. Although I will insert the caveat that if you were really serious about your sushi, this place wouldn't satisfy all your tastebuds either.

Service was slow for a Wednesday night, but our server seemed eager to make up for it by bringing out quite a few free dishes and appetisers for us. If you're looking for as-authentic-as-it-gets sushi in Durham/triangle area though, I'll say this is a safe bet in an enjoyable atmosphere. I'll probably be going back often enough.

(Fair warning: a pot of green tea is $5, it's not free.)

There's a decent selection of sushi and sashimi - we're getting more than just tuna and salmon. I tried to hotate (scallops) and unfortunately they were a bit of a disappointment. They lacked the sweet taste you associate with good scallops. The rest of the sashimi was good for Durham. It's better than Sushi Love or whatever you else you can think of. 

Cani roll
blue crab, cucumber, kani miso aioli, avocado, tobiko, eel sauce
This was pretty good. The rice was nice and fluffy, and there was a generous enough serving of crab to make sure it didn't get overpowered by the avocado and cucumber. Although I maintain that you can't really go wrong with such a classic combination. (Also, kani is spelt with a k)

toast, lardo, snow crab, ikura
When I saw this on the menu I did a little internal dance. Generally savoury toasts can be pretty mind blowing if done well, and its such a neat and simple idea. However, they really should call this Kani, because I couldn't taste the uni at all. I was tasting the same crab stuffing they used for the sushi roll, and the bread (which was nicely toasted). And for not being able to taste the uni, paying $13 for these two small slices was totally not worth it. Points for presentation tho?

Crudo (a la carte, or part of the omakase set)
assorted sashimi, cilantro, shallots, micro, Jalapeno sunomono, layu, radish, sorrel

Chirashi (part of the omakase set)

Nigiri sushi (omakase)

311 Holland Street
Durham, NC 27701

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