310 - KYU

I just visited their homepage and I'm regretting not getting their crab steamed buns.

Even then, this entire meal was amazing. Located in the hip, artsy neighborhood of Wynwood (read: endless photo opportunities) in Miami, it's the perfect mix of casual, laid-back and serious-about-food. It's a fairly new establishment, but it's riding on the trend of fusion, contemporary food, mixing global influences with predominantly Japanese flavors.

Grilled Octopus, Hearts of Palm, Red Onion, & Sudachi Lime
I'm a sucker for octopus (aha - gotcha) so every time I go to what seems to be a decent place, I always order it. Not to mention our server touted it as one of the more popular and positively rated dishes. I actually considered ordering a second plate (since we were sharing this amongst three of us). It was great, tender, almost like a scallop. It's a shame I don't study in Miami.

Burrata, Yuzu Marmalade, Toast
Personally not a burrata fan because it doesn't have enough taste for me, this was actually a pretty nice starting dish. The typical tastelessness (at least to me, I emphasize) of the burrata was countered by the sweet yuzu marmalade and the flame torched yuzu slices. Combine that with the bread and you get some crunchy, full bodied, sweet yet light flavors and textures in your mouth.

Roasted cauliflower and goat cheese salad, shishito-herb vinaigrette 
Also another standout dish, I love it when restaurants take a simple vegetable and center the dish around it (I have great memories of Burnt Ends' aburi broccoli in Singapore). First off, the cauliflower was mindblowing - firm but tender, and when you bite/suck down on it, juices just fill up your mouth. And while I'm not a fan of burrata, I'm a huge fan of goat cheese, so the dressing and sauces worked great for me, although our server emphasized that for people who traditionally don't like pungent cheeses, the goat cheese was quite watered down, so no fear.

Beef tenderloin with toasted garlic soy butter, fire roasted kimchi
I haven't had good steak in so long. Flavorful and juicy. We did well to order this.

Dark chocolate smores cake, banana bourbon ice cream
You can't go very wrong with this combination. I loved the toasted marshmallow on top - gooey but not too sweet - although my only complaint remains that the cake was kind of burnt around the edges, making it a little too chewy and tough.

Either way, if you're going to be in Miami, and you're going to go see the Wynwood walls, this place is literally around the corner (we had a reservation, but we still stumbled upon its location) and the food is on point. 10/10 recommend.

251 NW 25th Street
Miami, FL

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