311 - Spring

There wasn't really spring in Singapore.

It kinda just alternated between hot and very hot, rain and no rain. But spring brings the silver lining in my gripes about the overwhelming suburban-ess of Duke's campus - lots of flowering plants, vibrant colours and textures for me to seek beauty in. This is me seeing cherry blossoms for the first time, photographing them for the first time, and being extremely awed and comforted by earth's natural aesthetic.

It's a shame how ephemeral these flowers are, but at the same time, perhaps their beauty is elevated by their scarcity. And new varieties blooming are every week, so I'm never lacking in excitement and adventure. Although correspondingly, I get anxious and worried that I'll miss out on a good photo opportunity. Nevertheless, spring, you're treating me well.



  1. How do you edit your pictures? They're really nice!

    1. Hi! Thanks (: Some combination of VSCO (cheatcode) and photoshop, depending on how I feel