Elizabeth Lim
20, Singapore

I started out this blog back in 2012, as a child-like and excited foray into the world of fashion blogging, wishing that I could perhaps strike it big as a local fashion blogger, Over time, my interest has waxed and waned (although with much regret, the frequency of posts on this portal has only waned) as I swung between fashion design (the original interest), fashion commentary, and fashion photography.

Few years down the road, this blog has evolved more into a personal space for my photos and works that I wish to share publicly, with no clear direction or purpose other than to document my current interests at any point in time. Despite some reservations that rednotion.blogspot.com is no longer the "Fashion Palavers of Lizzi Lim", the moniker rednotion has pretty much become such an integral part of my identity that I'm at loath to shift over to a new domain.


  1. your only 16???

    1. scratch that, 17 hahaha. my birthday's in end july.

  2. What application do you use to edit your photos? :) Also, do you use a 50mm focal length lens?

  3. What camera model do you use? Thanks (: